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Novel microsatellites for Cypseloides fumigatus, cross-amplifiable in Streptoprocne zonaris

Renata Neves Biancalana, Fabio Raposo do Amaral, Cibele Biondo


Based on microsatellite prospection, we isolated and characterized 21 microsatellite markers for the Sooty Swift (Cypseloides fumigatus) and tested the cross-amplification in the White-collared Swift (Streptoprocne zonaris). Both species are New World species included in the Apodidae family. From these 21, only 13 loci were polymorphic in the Sooty Swift, and their levels of polymorphism were surprisingly low compared to related species. Cross-amplification in the White-collared Swift was successful for 11 loci of the 13 polymorphic found for the Sooty Swift, but seven were monomorphic and four were biallelic. The microsatellites
described here could be useful in future genetic population studies for Sooty Swifts and related species.

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